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Nuclear energy and its environmental aspects

Author: sergo tabagari
Keywords: Nuclear energy, alternative energy, faces of radiation, basic concepts of dosimetry, radiation, nuclear reactor, a critical mass

Abstract. People are part of nature. Satisfaction of its material and spiritual needs and the existence is ensured by the the relationship with nature. Results of human impact of last 100-200 years with its size and diversity is much bigger than the impact of the previous millennium, especially in Europe and North America. Nuclear energy is a relatively new field of study. None of the production development has so sharp difference of views between supporters and opponents, as in this case. Right nuclear power is reviewd in this topic. Chernobyl nuclear disaster is a good rival of the important benefits of Nuclear Energy. In this work will be discussed the advantages of nuclear energy, as well as its disadvantages. Nuclear energy development prospects are still controversial, it is possible that in the near future will stand on the issue the subject of nuclear plant construction in Georgia. In principle this is acceptable, but there are many factors to consider. However, nuclear energy is the real way out of the permament energy crisis.

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